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The Moon Song


The Moon Song written by Karen O for the movie Her, sung by Scarlett Johansson 

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I’ve been having these dreams for two weeks now about a completely random guy that I don’t even know, and I’m apparently dating him haha. It even goes in chronological order/like a story, and I can recall past events in my dreams with this guy.

Either it’s predicting my future, or my subconscious…

I do the creepy thing of reblogging nearly everything you reblog because I dont follow enough people to have other things to reblog

I also need to find less things funny





Me and my sibling can go from




in like three seconds 


on a scale from disney to dreamworks what’s your sibling relationship



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Ok so is it just me or does Levi always look like he’s posing for selfies or something

I mean


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"love my #newgloves <3"


"The camera turned on by itself I swear #sexysnacks"

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Okay. But let’s talk about Thor for a second. Thor does not get enough love and (Loki forgive me) he is honestly one of the best fucking characters Marvel has. And it’s shown so simply and so beautifully right here. He is so fucking chill about everything. Obviously, he doesn’t live in space, he lives in Asgard. But he knows everyone thinks he’s kinda like an alien, and he just goes along with it because why not? These humans are funny in their lack of understanding, but it’s an endearing kind of funny. Just like in the first movie, where Darcy tells him to smile so she can take a picture of him and he has no fucking clue what she’s doing or what a phone is and it could kill him for all he knows but he just fucking smiles and keeps eating his delicious pancakes because he’s just so chill like that. And if you look at his face in the first gif, it’s very serious and concentrated but the moment Darcy starts talking to him he loosens up and is like “Muscles? Ah, yes I suppose I am quite muscular. Oh, she’s inquiring about Asgard. But she called it space. She seems confused as to my origins, but it’s not of import. I like space, that’s a good name. I shall call it space too.”

And that little head nod he does back to her in the last gif. I’m dead. Deceased. Murdered from Thor cuteness

He’s just.. ugh, Thor doesn’t get enough appreciation. There are so many little things he does that go ignored but no more. His complete adorableness will be appreciated. 

Excuse the language, but this is too good not to reblog.

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Yes it’s probably only me who cries on Good Friday

Our thoughts and prayers goes out to the families and those involved in the Sewol Ferry incident today. Praying for your safe return. #PrayForSouthKorea

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"im so boooring"

no one is just born interesting. interesting is something you make yourself. fix that. 

Hirunaka no Ryuusei - Extra Chapter 34.1

Read  OnlineEvil Flowers &amp; Silent Dreams
Hirunaka no Ryuusei - Extra Chapter 34.1
Read  Online

Evil Flowers & Silent Dreams

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